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What is your Favorite Brad Dourif Movie (or TV ) ? お気に入りの出演作は?
One flew over the cuckoo's nest
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Brad is one of my heroes (actor heroes), I think he has everything an actor needs (voice, looks, charisma, experience and so much talent!!!!). I'm definitely in love with him he's is amazing as an actor and a very good looking man!! I've chosen "One flew..." because it was the first time when I saw Brad, and I've followed his career since then. I was living in Mexico so we didn't have lots of chances to watch Brad in a movie, so I was desperately to know more about him. Every role he has played has been superb! (I love you, Brad!)

Welcome, Annie!
I'm glad that you are enjoying this site. I'll keep updating of this site and I'm going to add a new Brad's pics. I'm sure you'll love it! Thanks again for your nice message! ~Miyoko


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